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We donated 10,000 liter water tank to “Mahamewnawa Dhammachethiya Bhawana Asapuwa” in Anuradhapura. The water tank was utilized to provide drinking water for the devotees visiting the Asapuwa. This was an urgent requirement at the Buddhist Monastery as the demand for the drinking water was considerable during various functions organized at the monastery as large group of devotees visited the place.

Also, we donated LKR 500,000.00 for printing of a “Dhamma” book to be given to devotees visiting the Asapuwa. The Buddhist Monastery had prepared a special “Dhamma” book to be given to devotees teaching them to guide themselves in to better life path. This was an

essential element of spreading Buddhist teaching among the community. We pride ourselves partaking in “Dhamma Dhanaya” which considered most sacred.

We provided 25 bags of cement & 2 cubes of sand for the construction work of “Bakkula Maha Seya” in Horana. Also, we contributed LKR 175,000.00 for construction work of internal architecture (“Deva Rupa”) of the stupa.



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