Ramto delivers 8 units of heavylift transformers to 4 grid substations

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Ramto was given the task of providing a comprehensive logistics solution for delivery of 8 transformers from Izmir port, Turkey to 4 Grid Substations in rural villages around Sri Lanka. We performed initial studies and provided a comprehensive and cost effective solution to move about 170 packages consisting approximately 500 MT & 700 CBM with 8 heavylifts weighing 49MT each with dimensions of 5.6 x 2.1 x 3.2 (meters) per piece.

After the proposal was approved, we conducted detailed studies for delivery arrangements to meet client’s requirements. As the 4 Grid Substation were located in rural areas, there were many challenges for safe transport of Heavylifts.

  • Narrow Winding Roads
  • Roads prone to land slides
  • Strict restrictions by authorities for heavy lift transport

Below photographs depicts the condition of the road network prior to transport movement.

We developed a detailed plan for necessary developments on roads such as widening, strengthening & repairing of roads and strengthening of culverts, bridges etc for safe transport. Also detailed guidelines were given to the client for construction of site access roads up to Transformer flinth area. Approval from Road Development Authority was sought after submission of a etailed
plan with proposed vehicles for transport of heavylifts.

Below are few photographs of road development work carried out by us to facilitate OOG cargo.

The shipper had the consignment ready by end November and they wanted the same to be shipped before the X’Mas holidays. With limited time frame and most vessels booked prior to holiday season, meeting this deadline was by no mean an easy task. However, due to strong relationships Ramto hold with leading carriers around the globe, a suitable heavy lift vessel was arranged for loading cargo before the holidays.

Sea Transport was planned meticulously to meet client’s specific requirement. Marine survey was carried out at both loading & discharging ports as well as impact recorder testing was done at both ports. Also nitrogen level monitoring and log sheet of same was kept on daily basis by the vessel crew as a special requirement from the client. In case of nitrogen level variation of any transformer was immediately informed to shipper for corrective measures and same was implemented through crew. The loading & unloading of heavy lift units were to be handled by the vessel crew only. Port stevedores were not allowed to perform the task considering the safety of cargo. This was the level of attention given to sea voyage of this consignment to assure safe passage. All this was possible due to the company’s expertise and relationship with the carrier.

We planned well in advance for custom clearance of consignment upon vessel arrival to avoid unnecessary delays. As the consignment consisted of Transformers in dismantled condition, there
were many items for declaration. Having all necessary documents on time and application of correct classification was a key aspect of speedy clearance of cargo.

The consignment was delivered to our open warehouse location as the delivery was planned in different stages for 4 different Grid Substations. From warehouse, the delivery was controlled and
planned as per the scheduled agreed with the client. This allowed more safety and concentrated effort in handling at each site allowing the client to plan site preparation as per the schedule.

Transformers were transported to site locations with escorts for OOG units and we have utilised 160MT capacity mobile crane for unloading & placing of heavy units on the flinth. The delivery was completed as per the agreed schedule with the client.


Prasad De Silva

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