Ramto Provides Comprehensive Logistics for Repair & Return of Wind Electric Generators

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Currently, the company offer end to end logistics solutions for maintenance of 7 wind power plants in the country. The challenging task is for heavylift units to be transported for repair
works overseas as the cost of transport is significantly higher for a single or few units to be moved at a given time.

We were requested to offer a cost effective & speedy solution to move wind electric generators to India on repair & return basis. There were several obstacles to overcome in providing a customized solution acceptable to client.

Firstly, Due to heavy weight of 50MT with OOG dimensions, sea transport on break bulk mode was an expensive option for a single unit or few units of wind generator. As there were no regular break bulk movements between Colombo, Sri Lanka to Chennai, India; carriers only operated on inducement rates which was not commercially viable to the client.

Secondly the custom documentation & clearance was a tedious task. We had to make sure that all documents were in order and all necessary documents such as previous import documents etc in
and to obtain necessary approvals. Specially re-importation to India needed special expertise on the matter as used capital goods importation was restricted.

In this background, we offered a customized solution to the client for speedy delivery at low budget. For sea voyage, we negotiated with carrier to load the consignment on container ship as a break bulk unit. This way we could ship the consignment fast at low cost. Special approval was obtained from the loading and unloading Terminals to handle the OOG heavylift as break bulk unit. We utilized heavy duty flat beds to rest the generator on board the vessel. Specialized loading/unloading tools provided at the Terminal and special lashing & marine survey teams utilized for operation.

Custom clearance was a complex procedure as it involved specialized approvals which were not easily available. We had arranged re-export from Sri Lanka under FRIC registry where the Generator re-import was allowed Duty- & Tax-free basis. Re-importation to India was arranged under Duty Draw back basis. These procedures involved detailed documentation and planning and by no mean an easy task to complete. We had spent considerable time during planning stage and our expert teams dig deeper in to possible options to carve out a feasible cost-effective solution to the client.

We have moved 10 Wind Electric Generators for repair & return in different consignments thus far and we continue to offer flexible solutions to the clients enabling uninterrupted operation of their plants.


Prasad De Silva

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