Logistics Solutions for Transmission Line Projects

Transmission line projects pose different challenges. Although almost all the material shipped on containers, planning and execution of the deliveries has to be meticulous.

Few challenges are highlighted below,

Large Volume
Number of containers per shipment would vary between 25 – 75 containers. Hence, obtaining space on particular vessel specially during peak seasons, transport planning and unloading arrangements to minimize vehicle held up etc need prior planning.

Vast array of different items
There are many different items to be declared in certain shipments and custom declarations would consist of 20 to 30 different HS classifications easily. Thus, expertise on item classification is a must.

Multiple Site Locations
For a single shipment, deliveries can be to different site locations on various directions. Therefore, transport planning and tracking of vehicle movement is vital.

Site Accessibility
Most site locations are on remote locations with accessibility issues, so planning has to be done accordingly for deliveries such as via interim storage etc.

Cargo Unloading
Unloading operation has to be well planned for these shipments. We utilize specialized equipment & tools for unloading of materials to ensure cargo safety. For examples unloading of Tower materials are done using special tools attached to forklifts. Under traditional methods, both steel tower sections and container floor boards are damaged during unloading operation. Also, resource planning is key for this operation as there could be large volume of containers to be unloaded for single shipment. Most occasions, sites are prepared with minimum bare facilities to minimize cost and unloading operations are real challenges in certain site conditions specially during rainy seasons.

We provide end to end logistics solutions tailored to project requirement. We perform detailed analysis of the project prior to offering customized solutions. Based on client’s requirement and project nature we propose flexible solutions with various resource combinations.


Prasad De Silva

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